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Apple Airport Extreme: Resolving Blinking Amber Status Light

July 30th, 2014



Your Wi-Fi base station status light blinks amber.


Here are some of the more common reasons that the status light may blink amber:

  • The Wi-Fi base station has not yet been configured because it is new.
  • The Wi-Fi base station has been reset.
  • A new firmware update is available for the Wi-Fi base station.
  • No IP address is available for the Wi-Fi base station.
  • A Wi-Fi base station in Extended Mode is out-of-network Wi-Fi range of a primary Wi-Fi base station
  • The WAN Ethernet cable is unplugged from the Wi-Fi base station
  • The Wi-Fi base station lack a path to the Internet (or local router).
  • Internet access may be temporarily unavailable from your internet service provider (ISP).
  • Your Time Capsule has detected that the internal hard drive has reported a SMART error, and is failing.

A persistent, blinking, amber status light indicates that your Wi-Fi base station may require your attention.

How to resolve a blinking amber status light alert

Launch AirPort Utility to determine why your Wi-Fi base station status light is blinking amber. ?Apple recommends that you use AirPort Utility 5.5.2 for Mac, AirPort Utility 5.5.2 for Windows, or a newer version of AirPort Utility if one is available.

  1. AirPort Utility 5.2 or later opens automatically if your Wi-Fi base station requires your attention. You may also choose to launch AirPort Utility at any time.? Do not use any version of AirPort Utility earlier than 5.0.
  2. In Mac OS X, AirPort Utility is located in the Applications > Utilities folder.
  3. In Microsoft Windows, AirPort Utility can be located by clicking Start > All Programs > AirPort.
  4. Note: You may also locate and download the latest Wi-Fi base station firmware and software by clicking here.
  5. In the AirPort Utility window, locate your Wi-Fi base station and double-click on it to open the Summary window. Note: If you have more than one Wi-Fi base station, double-click on the icon for the Wi-Fi base station that has the amber circle next to it.
  6. When the Summary window appears, double-click the amber circle to the right of Wi-Fi base station Status to open the Status window.
  7. The Status window lists any conditions that require your attention. Respond to each item until there are no more items listed.
  8. Important: You must reset the Wi-Fi base station using the reset switch to re-enable checking for the conditions you ignored.
  9. ??Eliminating the blinking, amber status light may require making changes to a specific setting, or putting a checkmark in the “Ignore” checkbox beside any option you don’t wish to change. A checkmark simply tells the AirPort that you are aware of the issue and you have chosen to ignore it. For example, you may wish to leave your AirPort open without a password so that anyone can join your wireless network.
  10. Click Update to apply your changes (the Wi-Fi base station will restart).
  11. After the Wi-Fi base station has restarted, the status light should be green and not blinking. If the status light stays amber in color and blinks after the Wi-Fi base station restarts, you may repeat the steps above.